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Sage One and Quickbooks Connecting Training

One of the miracles of the internet era is the elimination of physical distance as an obstacle to the rapid exchange of information. Computer advancements now enable us to instantaneously transmit unbelievable volumes of information around the world without ever leaving our chair.

Now, dream with us for a moment about life with ToffsonOnline

Today, while you wait at the airport for your flight, you decide to connect to the wireless web and review your financials online at Toffson Management.

As you review your aged accounts payable, you decide to pay a number of vendors. You can write the cheques yourself and email your staff to log on and print them back at the office, or you can email your Toffson account rep to handle it for you.

A few key-strokes could also generate accounts receivable statements to jog the memory of slow-paying clients.

You can export any report to Excel and insert your questions or comments for later discussions or future action. You could use them to help with your “what-if” thinking between meetings.

The possibilities are endless.

You close your laptop, and you smile as you realize that those few minutes of your time required little or no in-house accounting staff, related payroll taxes, vacation pay, additional desks, computers and a host of other overhead costs.

You fly on to your business meeting with the reassurance that Toffson Management has relieved you of the burden of hiring and training qualified staff to quickly and easily give you the numbers you need.

Even from your far-off destination, your accounting questions and directions are just a laptop away.

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