Tax Checklist

When preparing for your Personal Tax return, make sure you have all the right forms and information slips. The following questions will help you to find out what applies for you situation.

This list is not all inclusive, but for most taxpayers the list will insure that you include all necessary slips. You can download a copy of Toffson Management's tax checklist for your future reference.

It's also important to notify your accountant of any changes in your life circumstances in order to maximize the benefit of their knowledge.  Download this Personal Information Form to use as a guide to make sure you're not forgetting anything that could have implications on your tax filing.

Questions related to income:

  • Did you earn any employment or commission income?
  • Did you receive any Old Age Security, Canada Pension Plan benefits or other pension or superannuation?
  • Did you receive any employment insurance benefit?
  • Did you receive any WCB benefits or social assistance benefits?
  • Did you withdraw funds from your RRSP plan?
  • Did you earn any interest or dividend income?
  • Did you own any Canada Saving Bonds?
  • Did you make any investments in limited partnerships?
  • Did you buy or sell any mutual funds or stocks?
  • Did you buy or sell any real estate properties?
  • Do you have any children or other dependants, which you support?
  • Did you receive any child support, alimony or separation allowance?
  • Did you receive any scholarship, bursaries, and research grants or directors fees?
  • Did you own any rental properties?
  • Did you earn any self-employed or commission income?

Questions related to deductions

  • Did you make any RRSP contribution?
  • Were you required to pay professional, union or association dues?
  • Have you made any loans to or investments in Canadian controlled private corporations from which you have lost money?
  • Did you move from another city to take on a job or attend post secondary school?
  • Did you pay any children support, alimony or separation allowance?
  • Did you borrow money for investment purposes?
  • Did you pay any investment counsel fees, safety deposit rental charges, or accounting fees?
  • Were you required by your employer to use your own automobile to carry out employment duties or maintain an office in your home?
  • Did you incur any capital losses or non-capital losses in prior taxation years?
  • Are you making claim for the disability amount?
  • Did you incur any attendant care expenses?
  • Are you claiming a 'caregiver amount' credit for supporting other dependents?
  • Did you pay any interest on student loans?
  • Did you attend any courses?
  • Did your children attend post secondary courses and were unable to fully utilize their tuition fee receipts?
  • Did you incur any dental or medical expenses?
  • Did you make any charitable or political donation?
  • Did you pay any personal tax installments?

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